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and we’re back.

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and we’re back.
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the truth is out there

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asker the really sad thing is, the same people supporting zoe quinn "because muhsogny" as harassing and threatening female developers from xseed

Basically from what I have read about that is people are raging mad at a company that translated a game that was already filled with the classic sexed up japanese girls. (if they HAVE to find something to bitch about) They did not develop this game, only translated it. Please correct me if I am wrong though. It’s my personal opinion that people should be more upset about the mere THOUGHT that the people who write the articles they read daily are most likely being fed the opinions they express. People are not only fully drinking the kool-aid but are supporting and defending these people emotionally and financially. All for the sake of feeling like some sort of activist for just causes. Journalism is just turning into a giant spam add.

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IF I SEE ONE MORE FUCKING POST ABOUT SUPPORTING THE ZOE QUINN ISSUE WITH WORDS LIKE MISOGYNY OR FEMINIST I AM GOING TO LOSE IT. This has NOTHING to do with misogyny. You are not defending someone who supports women or is being victimized in any way. The whole reason this started is because men DEFENDED this woman. (Which is a whole different issue of shitty men or just people in general) Show me proof that the blog post about her had anything to do with misogyny. He went into detail of emotional abuse and really didn’t even PUSH the point about her using these sexual favors for publicity and popularity and monetary gain. He described the emotions and manipulation tactics that were used AND THAT EVERYONE KNOWS CAN AND HAS HAPPENED THOUSANDS OF TIMES. He just expressed the abuse that he was put through. The type of abuse that if the gender roles were switched every feminist in the damn country would be running down the streets with pitchforks expressing the outrage of such an event by a figure that was in the public eye. This has NOTHING to do with the fact she is a feminist other than make women activists look worse then they already make themselves look at times. I am a full supporter of equality but abuse is abuse. You do not reserve the right to be a shitty person in your personal and business relationships just because you have a pussy. A majority of people have even seen others be manipulated and lied to almost exactly like this. A lot of people have probably experienced this themselves. So why it would be it be so unthinkable that in a world that is run by personal gain and political media bull shit that a WOMEN would never be slimy in the slightest way possible? I got a damn headache.


i googled “why do cats run around and meow at night” and one of the results listed this as a cause:


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I wonder if Jesus’s friends ever called him “Jeez” or “Young Jeezy” or “J Naz.” Naz is short for Nazareth. J Nazty. Spread the word.

his friends or companions never called him jesus. Jesus was Jewish and in the hebrew language there is no “j”. just sayin’.

I guess you’re right. They probably didn’t call him J Nazty then. I’ll let everyone know.

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Dog society is incredible

is there a live feed for this

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this is my favorite fr

this is the hottest girl i have ever seen in my life

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